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Indice de contenidos del Solucionario del Libro Ingles Together 2 Oxford PDF

Unidad 1

1.1 The Alphabet Song

1.2 Greetings!

1.3 What’s your name?

1.4 How old are you?

1.5 What’s the time?

1.6 Months of the year

1.7 Days of the week

1.8 Colours

1.9 Farm animals

1.10 Toys

1.11 Family members

1.12 Parts of the body

1.13 Clothes

1.14 In the kitchen

1.15 Food

1.16 At the shops

1.17 In the park

1.18 Weather

Unidad 2

2.1 Down by the bay

2.2 In the jungle

2.3 The Wheels on the bus

2.4 Five little ducks

2.5 If you’re happy and you know it

2.6 One, two, three, four, five


2.8 Row, row, row your boat

2.9 This little light of mine

2.10 How many?

2.11 Guess the animal

2.12 Sing a song of numbers

2.13 Sing a rainbow

2.14 We wish you a Merry Christmas

Unidad 3

3.1 The time rap

3.2 At half past one

3.3 Telling the time

3.4 A trip to the dentist

3.5 Daily routines

3.6 Who’s that?

3.7 Pets

3.8 Farm animals

3.9 A visit to the farm

3.10 Guess the animal

3.11 Farm animal sounds

3.12 There was an old lady who swallowed a fly

3.13 Down on Grandpa’s farm

3.14 Five little speckled frogs

3.15 Incy Wincy Spider

3.16 The Itsy Bitsy Spider

Unidad 4

4.1 We’re going on a bear hunt

4.2 The three Billy goats gruff

4.3 The big bad wolf

4.4 Henny Penny

4.5 The little red hen

4.6 The gingerbread man

4.7 Jack and the beanstalk

4.8 The three little pigs

4.9 Little Red Riding Hood

4.10 Guess the animal

4.11 Farm animal sounds

4.12 Down on Grandpa’s farm

4.13 Five little speckled frogs

4.14 Incy Wincy Spider

4.15 The Itsy Bitsy Spider

Unidad 5

5.1 I like…

5.2 There is/ There are

5.3 Some and any

5.4 This and that/ These and those

5.5 Can

5.6 Can…? Yes, I can./ No, I can’t.

5.7 Sports

5.8 Games

5.9 What time is it?

5.10 How old are you?

5.11 Telling the time

5.12 Do you like…?

5.13 Yes, I do./ No, I don’t.

5.14 Going to the park

5.15 A day out

Unidad 6

6.1 Food words

6.2 Comparing food

6.3 Numbers 11–20

6.4 Counting food

6.5 Which one is it?

6.6 Present simple of be

6.7 There is/ There are

6.8 Determiners

6.9 Plurals

6.10 Food words

6.11 Present simple of have got

6.12 Have got questions

6.13 Present simple of regular verbs

6.14 Present simple of irregular verbs

6.15 Whose is it?

6.16 Possessive ’s

6.17 What’s the time?

6.18 Telling the time

Solucionario Students Book Workbook Ingles Together 2 Oxford PDF

¿Qué es y cómo se usa el Solucionario del Libro Ingles Together 2 Oxford PDF

El Solucionario del Libro Ingles Together 2 Oxford PDF es una herramienta útil para estudiantes y profesores de inglés. Proporciona respuestas detalladas a todas las preguntas y ejercicios del libro, así como explicaciones adicionales para ayudar a los estudiantes a comprender mejor el material. El solucionario también incluye una sección de vocabulario para ayudar a los estudiantes a aprender y memorizar nuevo vocabulario. El Solucionario del Libro Ingles Together 2 Oxford PDF es una excelente manera de asegurarse de que estás comprendiendo el material y estás preparado para tu próximo examen.

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