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We have a native teaching team, ideal for practicing conversations. Thus, we accelerate social learning and help the student to gain ease and fluency when speaking.

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We customize the training to the student profile so that progress is faster and more solid. Our goal is for each person to improve the skills they need most with an adapted plan.

Exclusive DELE A2 and B1 exams

We have the latest versions of the DELE A2 and B1 exams. This allows us to prepare students in a realistic way focused on the test they will face. We also have exclusive official evaluations.

Modern Spanish learning method

Our center is committed to training focused on the needs of the student. Our DELE exam models reflect the most requested skills and contents in the official evaluation.

Everything you need to know about the DELE exam

More information about the exam:

The Diploma of Spanish as a Foreign Language is an official certification that accredits the knowledge of this language at its different levels. They are granted by the Cervantes Institute, dependent on the Ministry of Education of the Government of Spain. As such, it has international recognition in the public and private spheres.

This document is valid in the Spanish-speaking countries, the European Union and in the 44 countries that have the headquarters of the Cervantes Institute. However, companies, public institutions and educational centers in other nations also recognize it as evidence of knowledge of Spanish.

The importance of the DELE diploma lies in its international prestige and its wide utility . It is vital for foreigners who wish to work in Spanish public institutions, such as those that depend on the Ministry of Justice or Health. In addition, it is crucial to study at universities in this country or work in a company.

It has a permanent validity, that is, it does not have to be renewed after a while. In most countries, it is considered the primary document that accredits knowledge of Spanish. It is also valid to be part of the wide network of Spanish multinationals.

Not at all, it is not necessary to purchase all the models of the same level. Our training is student-centered, which involves helping you overcome your weaknesses and hone your strengths. For this reason, we give the possibility of buying only the preparatory exams that are desired .

When a student presents difficulties in a specific aspect, whether oral or written, we put all the means at his disposal. In this way, you can work on those areas that you need to develop the most and progressively raise your level.

They stand for the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages , an international system that classifies knowledge of languages. In this sense, it is the scheme to which, for example, English, French or Spanish are adjusted. It is divided into three levels (A, B and C).

Educational standards range from A1 (basic) to C2 (proficient). In the business field, the range is distributed between B1 and C1. To obtain them, it is necessary to carry out a test before an official institution (the Cervantes Institute, in the case of Spanish).

The Curriculum Plan of the Cervantes Institute is the Spanish adaptation to the CEFR proposed by said institution. According to the organization itself, Spanish is the most advanced language in this field . It serves as a tool to guide learning and focus it towards test preparation.

Through this medium, the entity intends to promote quality in the teaching of Spanish. To achieve this, he has carried out an exhaustive analysis of the verbal system, grammar, spelling and language functions. Similarly, he has worked on additional aspects, such as intercultural attitudes.

Self-learning is one of the most recent and popular learning methodologies . Its basis is autonomous work, which allows progress in a solid and completely personalized way. Experience shows that it is ideal for setting your own rhythm and making the consolidation process compatible with daily life.

At Natural Spanish we are committed to a self-learning modality based on facilitating the acquisition of objectives. For this reason, we provide all the necessary material, including exam models. We also have a team of native teachers to accelerate learning.

Mission, vision and values

Natural Spanish has been created to offer various online services and resources for learning and practicing Spanish as a foreign language, both to individuals and to companies and institutions, using the CEFR levels and the Curricular Plan of the Cervantes Institute as a reference. Some of the services and resources have the possibility of being adapted to the specific needs of each user.
Specially designed for people with a more autonomous way of learning, or with complex lifestyles and schedules that do not allow them to adapt to a fixed rhythm of a conventional course.

One of the main objectives is for the user to become capable of communicating through the four communication skills: oral and written comprehension, oral and written expression. On the other hand, it is also intended that each user achieve their goals based on their specific needs.
The philosophy of Natural Spanish is based on the fact that each user has different and specific needs and objectives, also considering their learning style. For all these reasons, the learning process for each user will be practically unique.

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